Keeping your hydraulic oil clean will extend the life of your system and the system components.  Down time due to a failed pump, valve, or the entire system can be costly and time consuming.  The leading cause of these failures is dirty or contaminated hydraulic oil.

Solution Based:

  • This portable unit can be used to filter both new and used oil to remove any contaminates.
  • To transfer stored oil from a container to the system reservoir.


  • The Filtration Cart runs off of standard A/C 110 and can be plugged into an electrical outlet, generator.
  • Built on a sturdy hand truck, the Filtration Cart is compact, lightweight and easy to move.
  • Double filtered using both a 10 Micron to catch the bigger particles and then a 3 Micron to catch the tiny contaminates.


  • Water removing elements are also available

If you have any further questions give our team of hydraulic specialist a call.