Listed below are a few of the directional valve series we carry. Through our relationship with the top valve manufacturers, Advanced Fluid Power can get for you, the exact valve from the Original Equipment Manufacturer or we can cross over your valve to a drop in replacement.
NFPA sizes available; D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10

Manufacturer Series
Continental VS5M, VS12M, VS50M
Denison A4D01, A3D01, A4D02, A3D06, A4D06
Double A All Series Available. Please Call For Information or send a Request for Quote form
Dynex All Series Available. Please Call For Information or send a Request for Quote form
Nachi SS-G01, SS-G03, SA-G01, SA-G03, DSS-G06
Parker D1VW, D3W, D61VW
Rexroth 4WE6, 4WE10, 4WEH10
Vickers DG4V-3, DG4S4-01, DG5S4-04, DG5S4-06, DG5S-8, DG5S4-10
Yuken DSG-01, DSG-03


Directional control valves are the most widely used, and the least understood, valves in fluid power circuits. Many people are confused by the schematic symbol representations, and have difficulty understanding the terms ways, positions, and operators. Learning to read schematic drawings is similar to learning a foreign language but to the trained eye, a symbol speaks volumes even when no words are present.
Directional control valves can only perform three functions:

  • Stop or block fluid flow
  • Allow fluid flow, and
  • Change direction of fluid flow.

This seems to simplify a seemingly complex subject, but remember, many valves may combine these functions. This makes them a little more complicated, but still not rocket-science material.  Please contact our team of specialist to help answer any questions you may have.

D03 Valve

  • Manual
  • Solenoid
  • Air Piloted
  • Hydraulically Piloted
  • Servo